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Review last updated on 21/01/2024


Established in 2017, Peerberry is one of the largest P2P lending platforms in Europe with (as of January 2024) more than 78 000 verified investors registered on the platform. Since it’s opening total invested on the platform is €2.3 billion with average annual return of 11%.

It was founded by Aventus Group (based in Lithuania) – one of the largest non-banking lending groups operating in European, Asian, and African countries since 2009.


What type of loans are offered on the platform?



There are five type of loans that are available on the platform to invest in, however, wast majority of loans (42%) are short term loans.

With the rest split up between long term, leasing, real estate and business loans.



In terms of loan originating countries as of January 2024 this includes Kazakhstan, Moldova, Philippines, Romania, Kenya, Spain, Czech Republic, India, Sri Lanka, Mexico and Lithuania.


You can see full up to date list here –


PeerBerry investments statuses as of January 2024

In the entire history of the company, with exception of loan originators from Russia and Ukraine that are affected by war it never had any loans overdue for more than 60 days. In case with Russian and Ukrainian loan originators the company has so far repaid 93% (as of January 2024) of funds due to investors which is quite impressive. It should also be noted that when the loan is delayed you continue to earn interest until loan is repaid or up to 60 days – whichever comes sooner.

As standard PeerBerry offers Buyback and additional group guarantee. Buyback guarantee – is the loan originators’ obligation to exercise buyback of the claim if the borrower delays the payments by more than 60 days. In such a case loan originator will buy back loans in full with the accrued interest.

Additional group guarantee would kick in when loan originator is facing financial troubles and is not able to implement a buyback guarantee. The main PeerBerry partners Aventus Group and Gofingo Group have signed additional guarantee agreements with loan originators. This means that in case of insolvency of some company, other Aventus Group and Gofingo Group companies will cover all the liabilities of this company on purpose to protect investors’ investments, and maintain transparency and good reputation of all the Group.


My personal experience


Portfolio status as of 21/01/2024


I have been using the platform for just over 2 years now and hardly ever seen any loans overdue for more than 14 days. From my observation over the last 12 months in most cases depending upon the loan originators that I am invested to – approx 20% of invested loans would typically be late by 1 day or longer but no longer than 14 days at any given time.  In any case as mentioned earlier you will still earn interest even if there is a delay with repayment up to 60 days.


Profit status as of 21/01/2024

Profit has been relatively stable over the last 12 months. The significant decrease in month of December reflects that I recently withdraw about 70% of the portfolio as I needed liquidity for non P2P purposes. Later this year I expect to increase the portfolio by about up to 30%.


I have been investing into Peerberry throughout the 2022 & 2023 and performance has been rock-solid. The average return every month in 2023 was €90-100. I really like the flexibility when it comes to liquidity. As most loans are less than 30 days if you do need access to your money the withdrawals are usually very quick – typically within couple of hours if you do withdraw on the working day. But it will entirely depend what bank are you using. In my case it’s Revolut.  If you prefer to invest in longer term then there are other type of loans available as well such as – business, leasing and long-term loans.

In my experience auto-invest has not been that great and in most cases I have to re-invest manually pretty much all the time. I do prefer it that way, however, some people who have very large amounts invested or do not invest manually may find that frustrating. There has also been occasional cash drag due large demand from the investors and lower loan supply due to Poland lenders no longer being listed on the platform (this is due to new regulation in Poland coming into force in 2024). However, they will be onboarding up to 10 new lenders to the platform this year. You can find out more by reading this article –

There is also no second market but again that is not a problem for me.

Overall, experience with this platform has been really good. It has also proven that in case of force majeure events like war between Russia and Ukraine it would fulfill it’s obligations to their investors. I will continue to invest in the future.


If not already you can register here –



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