Weather in Malaga in March

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Weather in Malaga in March

Source: Weatherspark

Weather in Malaga in March

March is the last coldest month of the year in Málaga with average temperatures rising gradually upwards. Be aware that you will still likely going to need a coat during dark hours and potentially during the day if its windy or and cloudy. In winter in South of Spain conditions can be very changeable during the day. The sun is usually moderately strong during the winter but will become gradually stronger during the month of March so it would be advisable to use sunscreen if you head to the beach. At the beginning of the month average low will be 9°C rising to 10°C towards the end of the month and average high would climb from 18°C to 20°C towards the end of the month. In the chart above it can also been seen that nighttime temperature will range from as low as 5°C to as high as 14°C towards the end of the month and daytime temperature could be anywhere from as low as 15°C to as high as 23°C.

What about rain?

In terms of rain, according to Agencia Estatal de Meteorologia it rains in average 4 days per month in March. Also, Sunshine hours for March are 222, much more than in any each month from November until February when you can expect 180 or less in each month My personal advise would be to bring some warm clothes on as it could get cold in evenings and early mornings and if its cloudy or when it rains when it could remain cold during the day

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