Virgin Media trialling and preparing to roll out faster 300MB broadband in 2015

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Virgin Media Broadband

A number of users have reported that their speed for some unknown reason has went up to 225Mbps and 337Mbps respectively.

One of the users at cableforum have shared the following configuration settings and speedtest results which points out at 337Mbps Download speed and 16.2Mbps Upload speed.

Primary Downstream Service Flow SFID 73056
Max Traffic Rate 337920000 bps
Max Traffic Burst 10000 bytes
Min Traffic Rate 0 bps
Primary Upstream Service Flow SFID 73055
Max Traffic Rate 16128000 bps
Max Traffic Burst 16320 bytes
Min Traffic Rate 0 bps
Max Concatenated Burst 16320 bytes
Scheduling Type Best Effort

One of the Virgin community moderators indeed confirmed that trials are currently taking place by replying:

We are always trialling new faster speeds and this temporary speed increase is free of charge.

We will be returning your speed to the original tier of service when the trial ends but in the meantime please enjoy the free temporary speed increase on us.

Based on latest rumors it’s been said that Virgin Media will announce another round of speed doubling this summer with upgrades gradually rolled out across the network over the next two years.

I assume that three packages will remain with speed increases to just over 110/220/330Mbps respectively. With regards to upload speed it looks like it will be 6/12/16Mbps.

I expect official announcement within the next couple of months in the meantime please check the following link for up to date information with regards to this topic:

Cable Forum UK

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