Things to do in Ronda – 2018

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Puente Nuevo (April 2017)


Visit Puente Nuevo Bridge

Visit one of the biggest highlights in this little town and one of the few things that is actually free of charge is Puente Nuevo – a massive 120 meter bridge. You can walk across the bridge or you can walk all the way down to el Tajo Canyon underneath it which will bring you equally mind blowing views as from above.


See Baños Arabes


Baños Arabes Ronda (April 2017)


A very compact place which would probably take you 30 minutes or less to visit. Main highlight is what you see above on the picture.

Ronda’s Arab Baths are similar to the design perfected by the Romans, except that steam was used to sweat out pollutants from the body rather than soaking in hot water as the Romans used. The Moors of Spain were also Muslim, so religious traditions were important, a Mosque was located next to the baths, and the baths were more than just a sanitary facility; they were also a place where locals and visitors alike would stop to purify and cleanse their bodies before entering the Mosque to purify their souls.

At the time of writing entry cost was €3.50


Visit Bullring of the Royal Cavalry of Ronda

If you have never visited bullring before in Spain then I would recommend to visit it, if you however visited the one before then you won’t be impressed much. It also consists of bullfighting museum at the exit and that is pretty much it.

Cost of entry is rather slightly more that you would want to pay, at the time of writing was – €7.


Relax at Plaza de María Auxiliadora


One word to describe this place – paradise. You can get an idea of what’s atmosphere is like from video above!

Strangely, it is not clearly marked on Google Maps, but is hard to miss if you are on your way to El Tajo Canyon. Once you crossed the New Bridge from Plaza de España side, turn right into Calle Tenorio and just walk straight. The place will be on the right hand side eventually.


See La Casa del Rey Moro


This is one interesting place. Unfortunately, at the time of writing the house itself is currently under restoration, however, this place also consists of nice garden and the water mine, which is quite interesting feature.

You basically walk all the way down (about 100+ steps) to the bottom of the canyon, down there pretty impressive views, but don’t forget that you will then have to walk all the way up…

What does it looks like at the bottom you can see in the video below:


Entrance fee is €5 for the whole thing, it will be good value for money once house restoration is complete.


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