The Best SIM Cards for data when Using Your Smartphone in Spain

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SIM Card

Last Update – 06/09/2016

Unless you can get a good deal with your home mobile operator or stay just for a few days it will usually be wise to get a local SIM. This could potentially save you good amount of money and offer you some decent data speeds.

Before getting local SIM make sure you smartphone is unlocked and is not attached to your home network. Even if it is the same name it will not work on the same network on another country as it is treated as different network.

When purchasing your SIM card in Spain, you will need to visit a mobile network store. By law, you must provide photo identification when buying a SIM card.

Please be aware that in Canary Islands local tax is cheaper, so quoted prices might be actually a bit lower than in mainland of Spain.

Vodafone Tourist SIM Card

Vodafone Tourist Card

€15 will get you full speed 4G 1.5 GB data, 60 minutes to use either on national or international calls to 35 destinations. Offer excludes calls to special rate numbers and to satellites. Offer valid for 4 weeks after which it is renewed again.

Vodafone yu (Pay As You Go)

3 packages available

Vodafone Yu Spain

Yuser – 2GB Data, 20 Min (Local) – €10 – Valid for 4 Weeks
Superyuser – 3GB Data, 50 Min (Local) – €15 – Valid for 4 Weeks
Megayuser – 4GB Data, 100 Min (Local) – €20 – Valid for 4 Weeks


Yoigo is the fourth largest operator in Spain.

You can consider 2 packaged that are available for Pay As You Go.

La del Uno 650 MB

Yoigo La del Uno 650

Local calls will cost you 1 cent per minute and you get 650MB 4G Internet

La del Uno 1GB

Yoigo La del Uno 1GB

Local calls first 20 minutes free then 1 cent per minute and you get 1GB 4G Internet

Orange SIM Holidays

Orange is a major mobile operator in Spain and now offers a good Pay As You Go card for tourists called – SIM Holidays.

It costs €15 and you can use it for 15 days.

It includes 1.5GB 4G data and 60 minutes within Spain and to more than 40 countries.

You can find out more via link below

Orange Spain SIM Holidays

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