Steve McKevitt & Tony Ryan – Project Sunshine – 9781848315136

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Steve McKevitt & Tony Ryan – Project Sunshine – 9781848315136

The book explores on how science can use renewable energy to fuel and feed the world in the near future, more specifically a planet with 9 billion people on it. Compared to what we hear in the media all the time this book has an overall positive view on the future and authors provide some good examples in this book.

Some notes from the book include:

Capturing a single hour of the sunlight that reaches the Earth would meet our global energy needs for a whole year.

Photosynthesis for example, provides us with more than just good food. It’s rate of energy capture is huge, approximately 90 TW (Terrawats) per year, which is about six times larger than the current power consumption of the whole of human civilization.

It is not the first time we are facing the challenge to feed, control our population and provide enough power to ourselves. Throughout the history, successive civilizations have faced challenges on the same population, food, energy, climate theme. In some cases like the Neolithic revolution, society has adopted it’s lifestyle to overcome them successfully, but there are many examples where the outcome has not been so good.

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