Stepjen J. Page – Tourism Management 5th ed, 9781138784567

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Stepjen J. Page - Tourism Management 5th ed, 9781138784567

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The fifth edition of Tourism Management book has just been released and I managed to have a look at it. In the new edition author has added new sections such as social media impacts on tourism, emerging themes of tourism such as slow travel, dark tourism, volunteer tourism and medical tourism.

The book itself describes/covers the history of tourism, why people engage in tourism, surface and air transport, hospitality and accommodation sector, tour operating and travel retailing, visitor attractions and events, the management of tourism itself, the future of the tourism and how to manage impacts of tourism. Tourism and sustainable development is also a major development within this book.

As I have already explored previous editions in much detail, so I mostly checked some of the new content that has been added in this book.

For example, in one of the sections of the book – Managing the visitor and their impacts, I found one of the case studies on The Challenge of managing tourism growth – case of Vietnam.

Discovered that Vietnam is apparently is one of the expanding tourism destinations at the moment. The country saw international tourist arrivals to rise from less than 100 000 in 1988 to astonishing 6.8 million in 2012, with top visitors coming from China, South Korea, Japan and the USA.

For more information on this case please check Chapter 11 – Pages 401-403.

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