Sam Walton – Made in America (My Story) – 0553562835 – 9780553562835

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Sam Walton - Made in America (My Story) - 0553562835 - 9780553562835

It’s been a while since I wrote last post so I though it is time to make some update on my website.

Just came across this book which tells the story of largest retail store in the world. In fact the guy behind the store and success story was one of the richest people on the planet yet lived a simple humble life. The story of Wal-Mart is in his own words is combined with comments of current and previous employees of the company. He started with a single basic store followed up by first Wal-Mart store and then many others.

According to Sam itself, if you want to take care of people in the stores to take care of the customers, you have to make sure that you are taking care of the people in the stores and that is one of the most important ingredients of Wal-Marts success. He did also highlighted ability to create outstanding promotions in the store that would attract people and sell items out.

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