Rhymer Rigby – 28 Business thinkers who changed the world – 9780749462390

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This book is a guide to the people who have reshaped their industries and the way we do business today. Some of these game changers are great intellectuals while others are gut instinct types and some are motivated by desire to change the world while others are driven by money and power. From this guide you can then pick up individuals that are the most relevant to you or the most interesting ones and then find out more from other sources such as their personal biographies etc.

Some of the people that were covered in this book include – Steve Jobs, Peter Drucker, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Roman Abramovich, Anita Roddick, Warren Buffet, Richard Branson, Oprah, Michael Dell and many others.

Some of the ideas mentioned in this book include, that business thinkers have much to teach us for instance those who want to learn about branding and publicity should learn about Richard Brandson, or those who want to create socially responsible business should look at biography of Anita Roddick. One thing, however, is clear that it is impossible to learn to be these people.

It is possible to teach people a lot but what is impossible to teach is to be someone other than who they are.

Those who dive in first often fail to fully reap the rewards of the new market they’ve entered so it is always better idea to be second when you have learned from competitor mistakes.

Warren Buffet invested only in what he understood.

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