Ophelia Storm Ireland Live – Monday

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Live Updates from Sunday can be found here – http://oscarneuman.com/hurricane-ophelia-ireland-live-updates/


16/10/2017 22:00 That is it for today. The storm should dissipate over the next 6 hours. Have a safe night!


16/10/2017 21:55 Latest wind gust model is out. Storm is moving away fast towards Scotland.

These are the max gusts in km/h at midnight tonight

Could still gust pretty hard South off Dublin in Wicklow Mountains overnight



16/10/2017 19:41 Latest peak winds in km/h



16/10/2017 19:17 NIE Networks says about 18,500 homes and businesses are now without power across Northern Ireland.

But it expects more customers to be affected as gusts of 60 to 70mph are forecast to hit the Antrim and Down coasts later.


16/10/2017 17:31 Latest peak winds in km/h



16/10/2017 17:26 Another storm might be coming up on Friday night.

Too early to say where exactly it is going to hit. Right now it looks like it will just going to nearly miss Ireland.



16/10/2017 16:31 A third person has died in the Republic of Ireland as a result of Storm Ophelia. Gardai say a tree fell on the man’s car in Ravensdale, Dundalk.


16/10/2017 16:27 Latest model has been updated. Storm moving fast to North East.

Winds still pretty strong pretty much everywhere for another 6 hours or so. Strongest in Eastern, North Eastern parts this evening.



16/10/2017 15:15 A man in his 30s has died while trying to clear a fallen tree in County Tipperary.


16/10/2017 14:45 Latest Europe satellite image. Storm eye now located to the West of Ireland with strongest winds in East, South East right now



16/10/2017 14:12 Strongest winds in South Eastern, East corner of the country




16/10/2017 13:11 A woman has died after a tree hit a car in Waterford in south-east Ireland, Irish broadcaster RTÉ reports.


16/10/2017 12:31 100 000 homes without power. Gusts up to 156km/h have been recorded.



16/10/2017 11:35 Met Eireann has updated Red Warning with latest details



16/10/2017 10:39 Highest gusts since 10am:

Cork Airport 124km/h

Fastnet Rock (6.5km offshore) 176km/h



16/10/2017 10:39 The Luas – Dublin’s tram system – is to be suspended from midday as overhead power lines have to be turned off as a precaution.

The trams are being curtailed from 10:00 BST, and normal service will not be resumed until tomorrow.

Buses in Dublin also stopped at 10:00 BST and will not resume until at least this evening.


16/10/2017 10:22 No major change from what’s been forecasted yesterday. Worst winds in South, South East coastal areas. Strong gusts also further inland.

Gusts up to 180km/h possible today.



16/10/2017 09:37 First visible satellite image of the storm…



16/10/2017 09:17 Cork and Waterford airports reporting gusts up to 100km/h right now



16/10/2017 09:15 Major outages in parts of Cork and Kerry have left close to 3,000 people without power this morning.

Some 5,000 customers are currently without electrical power in the south of Ireland, Irish broadcaster RTÉ reports.


16/10/2017 08:53 Up to 125 flights cancelled this afternoon in Dublin Airport, check with your airline before travelling to airport




16/10/2017 08:46 Weather warning from from Met Eireann with updated arrival times




16/10/2017 07:18 Some exceptionally strong gusts on Southern Coast around midday

Even gusts up to 140km/h much deeper inland



16/10/2017 07:12 Storm is now clearly visible in the latest European satellite image



16/10/2017 07:08 Latest Wind gust model showing strongest gusts in West, South, South East of the country

These are the wind gusts expected in km/h at approx 4pm this afternoon



16/10/2017 07:00 Good Morning. Latest model from NOAA this morning.

Current winds around 80mph with gusts up to 105mph

Add 5 hours for Irish time


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