One day in Palma de Mallorca

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Surrounded by The Mediterranean Sea there are Balearic Islands and within these islands there is the largest one – Mallorca.

Back in April and May this year in both occassions I went there for just a single day and more specifically I went for Palma city.

The journey consisted of 3700km in just a day departing at 9am from my home destination and arriving at 2pm then heading back home just shortly before midnight.

So what can you do in Palma in just one day? Apparentely you can fit quite a lot actually.

Once landed in Palma de Mallorca airport you can take Aeroport Bus Number 1 which goes to as far as port but it will take around 30 minutes to get there.

You can get off much earlier and head to the beach or catherdal or a bit further in city centre at Plaza de Espana. All depends on your itinerary.

Price for a single ticket has just increased to 5 EUR and return is 8 EUR. This literally happened between my trips April and May so I had a joy to also experience lower price.

By the way, if you arrive on a earlier flight and you are on the light you can actually head to Palma Aquarium which is literally within the walking distance from the airport.

Anyways, in my occassion the plan was to take an airport bus and head to the last stop the Port then from there to Italian Restaurant, the Castle and then walk back towards old city, cathedral and finish off at the beach bar.

L'Artista Pizzeria Napoletana

Quite a lot for a day. So, I started with the lunch at L’Artista Pizzeria Napoletana which is a very nice place with friendly staff and less touristy, the food was delicious, I went for bruchetta and pizza which I have to say if you get one is quite large for one person, great value for money.

From there a hike up the hill towards Castell de Bellver, the castle which was built in 1300’s is one of the few circular castles in Europe. The castle originally served as a residence for the Kings of Mallorca whenever they were not staying in mainland Europe, and was subsequently seldom used as a residence for viceroys during the 17th century.

Castell de Bellver

It has a museum and on the top a mind blowing view towards Palma, The Mediterranean Sea, Port and surrounding hills. For that single reason only it’s worth a visit.

Having finished with castle you can either take tourist bus back to Palma or alternatively you can walk, although be prepared for about 2-3km walk.

If you don’t mind walking most of the Palma city is actually within walking distance, you can reach most of the points of interests within 2-3km.

So, from castle you can choose if you are into historic things to walk towards Plaça Major which is a small square next to many shops in the centre of historic Palma de Mallorca.

I personally did not liked it as much but still would recommend to visit it. From the castle you can descend and walk there via beautiful Feixina Park.

The Catedral de Mallorca is quite an impressive piece of architecture, make sure you see it, it was built from 1200’s and finished around 1600’s and same as castle is a Gothic style building. For best views head there just shortly before sunset.


Also, nearby there is The Royal Palace of La Almudaina that has a chamber. Very romantic place, seems that it is a popular place for weddings. It features a small pond with two swans living in it.

The chamber is literally probably around 30×30 meters across. Once finished with sighseeing I went to the beach bar – Anima Beach.

Despite of mixed reviews if you are into relaxing on the beach while listening to deep, chill house music you will like this place.

Yes it may take time to take your order but if you there for 2 to 3 hours it is fine. I went there twice and had no problems.

Anima Beach Pina Colada

The place serves wide range of food for all tastes and range of non and alcoholic cocktails. You can also book a table, sunbed and hammock in advance.

One thing to note though the place is a bit on expensive side. If you are there for a couple of hours with food and few drinks you could easily end up spending 50 EUR per person.

In any case so that was it, all in less than 12 hours. If you staying there for several days then one full day will be enough to see everything.

I already picked my favorite places in there so I will be returning, for a day or so or maybe for longer to explore island itself.

Palma de Mallorca Sunset

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