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Nick is the leading sleep coach to the biggest names in the sporting world, including, Team Sky cyclists, Premiership footballers and Olympic gold medallists. In this book he lays bare his strategies for us all to use. You will become aware of concepts such as Circadian Rhythms and learn how to schedule your sleep.

My main takeout from this book was that rather than thinking of sleep in hours to think of 90 minutes cycles. Most people would need 5 cycles which would equal to 7.5 hours. In entire week that would be 35 cycles. Generally speaking you aim not to go below 28-30 cycles per week or otherwise you may not be getting enough sleep. Additionally, you pick up one waking time such as 7am for you and stick to it, including weekends. If you are running late on the weekday or end up going late to bed over the weekend you basically skip to the next cycle. So if your set waking time is 7am and you miss 23:30 window you go to sleep at 1am instead and so on. It should be noted that there are pre and post sleep routines, you will find out more about this in the book.

I have not tested any of the tips mentioned in the book yet but I am quite curious to try out cycle thing.

The book also covers many other important aspects you should be aware of such as Рpre and post sleep routines, naps, the sleeping kit (arranging your bed so you get better sleep) and arranging your room to create better sleeping environment. The second and last section of the book covers his R90 recovery program, sleep problems, sex, partners and modern family.

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