Intel Compute Stick is now available for pre-order

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Intel Compute Stick

It has been a while since this small mini computer was shown at CES back in January and finally you should be able to pre-order one.

It is the size of an ordinary USB stick but packs PC performance within it so once you plug it in to HDMI port on your TV or a monitor it will more or less could replace your home PC.

It is fully compatible with both Windows and Linux. Both versions are currently available on Newegg website. Windows 8.1 version will be running on Intel Atom processor and to have 2GB RAM, 32GB Storage and will cost 150 USD and Linux version 110 USD.

Intel Compute Stick 2

At the moment it is not clear what specs Linux version are, Newegg claim that there is no difference in specs but if you check on Amazon listing under the reference BOXSTCK1A8LFCR you will find the one having just 1GB ram and 8GB of storage.

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