Hurricane Ophelia Ireland Live Updates

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16/10/2017 07:00 Good Morning. Latest updates on Monday can be found here


Ophelia Storm Ireland Live – Monday


15/10/2017 22:15 That is it for today. Next advisory, model updates are expected to come in around 4am.

I will be creating a separate page tomorrow morning to continue with updates and forecasts throughout Monday.

Link will be published here around 6am Monday. Or you can just go to the home page it will be there as latest post.

At this stage it is clear that is going to be a significant event for Island of Ireland for decades. Take care!


15/10/2017 22:12 Latest wind gust model has been updated. Showing gusts over 100km/h for most of the country.

This is for approx 3pm on Monday afternoon



15/10/2017 22:00 Latest projected path coming in…



15/10/2017 21:50 Latest advisory from NOAA. Ophelia still a hurricane at this stage. But starting to develop post tropical storm characteristics.

Winds at 85mph (140km/h); Gusting to 105mph (160km/h)

Important ADD 5 Hours to time on the map for Irish time


15/10/2017 21:39 Just a quick reminder that The Department of Education confirmed earlier that all schools and colleges across Ireland will be closed tomorrow due to storm


15/10/2017 21:26 There is a risk of flooding tomorrow in coastal areas.

Preparations are already under way. This is the scene from Galway this evening.


15/10/2017 20:29 Red Alert issued by Met Eireann. Now updated and issued for the entire country!


15/10/2017 20:24 Aerlingus has already cancelled number of flights tomorrow due to severe weather. Other airlines likely to follow too.

Dublin airport earlier has advised to check with the airline tomorrow before travelling to the airport.

All Irish airports likely to be affected by storm.



15/10/2017 19:54 Most accurate forecast likely to be known early Monday morning. Right now there is still small possibility that strongest winds can shift either further West or East a little bit.

But regardless for most of today forecast remained more or less the same with strongest winds in South, South East coastal areas.

With such a rare weather event occurring, expect the worst possible scenario. Rather be over prepared than under prepared.


15/10/2017 19:47 Expected arrival time and wind gusts expected. Be aware that figures are approximate.




15/10/2017 19:25 Next advisory update if such will be provided is expected around 9-10pm this evening

Storm to arrive in Ireland on Monday morning with strongest winds hitting at about midday onwards +- 2 hours

Strongest winds expected in South, South East, gusting up to 180km/h in wide and high ground areas


15/10/2017 19:11 Latest Tracks of all tropical cyclones since 1851 to go east of 18 degrees west longitude.

Ophelia is in rare company. Ophelia became a major hurricane on Saturday morning at longitude 26.6°W, further east than any other formation of a Category 3 in the Atlantic.

The former record-holder was Frances (1980), which became a Category 3 at 12.8°N, 29.8°W. Image credit: NOAA.

You can read full article here: HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, CONTAIN A LOT OF DETAIL


15/10/2017 16:22 Latest weather model still pretty much predict the strongest winds in South, South Eastern areas.

In exposed and high ground areas winds could gust close to 180km/h. But most likely up to about 130-140km/h.

This is approx 4pm on Monday afternoon below. Very strong winds would arrive much earlier than that though.



15/10/2017 15:53 Latest advisory from National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Expected to hit Southern Ireland with hurricane force winds but will no longer be a hurricane at the time.

Please be aware that times here are shown in AST, add 5 hours for Irish time.

15/10/2017 15:46 Ophelia has downgraded to Category 1 hurricane.

Sustained winds 90mph (145km/h) with gusts up to 115mph (180km/h)



15/10/2017 15:46 Latest screenshot from BBC Weather. 80mph gusts for pretty much entire South, South East of Island of Ireland.


15/10/2017 15:10 Latest Europe satellite image. Ophelia can be seen on bottom left corner. Expected to be no longer a hurricane by the end of today but will still produce damaging winds when it arrives to Ireland tomorrow morning.



15/10/2017 15:06 National Emergency Coordination Group has published a statement on their website


Key Public Safety & Information Messages


  • All unnecessary travel should be avoided on Monday, while the storm is passing.


  • Don’t travel in Red level warning areas during the height of the storm unless absolutely necessary, and take due care if travelling in all other areas. Listen to local radio and national media broadcasts regarding the current weather situation.


Full Statement here:



15/10/2017 14:09 Red Warning Alert has been updated by Met Eireann to include Wexford and Waterford, for the rest of the country it is Orange Alert



15/10/2017 13:30 Dublin Airport has posted an update on their Facebook page advising to passengers to check with their airlines tomorrow before travelling to the airport.

Flights from all Irish airports are likely to be affected tomorrow by the storm.



15/10/2017 13:22 Next advisory expected to be issued around 3-4pm Irish time.

Right now, strongest winds are forecast for South, South East of Ireland. This could still change slightly.

Please scroll down for this morning updates.


15/10/2017 12:14 Met Eireann briefing the National Emergency Coordination Group meeting on weather developments this morning

15/10/2017 12:11 You can also follow latest updates from County Clare Council here

Ophelia – Weather Updates (Clare)


15/10/2017 11:30 Once again, projected forecast shows that strongest winds likely to be in South, South East of the Ireland



15/10/2017 11:20 Now Category 2 Hurricane Ophelia, passing by fairly closely to Portugal this morning


15/10/2017 11:15 UK Met Office has issued Amber warning for Northern Ireland. Gusts of 55-65 mph are likely across Northern Ireland with 70-80 mph gusts in the far southeast.


15/10/2017 10:17 Latest models still predict a pretty strong gusts in areas of Cork and Waterford



15/10/2017 10:06 Latest advisory on Hurricane Ophelia from NOAA. Path slightly more to the West.

15/10/2017 09:49 Hurricane Ophelia has now downgraded to Category 2 hurricane with sustained winds 105mph and gusts up to 125mph


15/10/2017 09:43 Hurricane Ophelia now showing up on European satellite imagery this morning. Latest advisory expected within about an hour. Should start to weaken any time soon.



15/10/2017 07:00 Good Morning. Just waking up with news that Ophelia is still Category 3 hurricane with pretty much the same winds and gusts as it was 12 hours ago. Latest models show that it may hit South, South East of Ireland with gusts up to 130mph in some places.

Below expected wind on Monday at 5pm.


14/10/2017 21:46 Latest advisory just came in. Hurricane Ophelia remains a strong Category 3 hurricane with winds sustained at 115mph and gusting to 140mph. It’s movement has accelerated slightly to North East at 27mph.

Latest 5 day forecast shows that it is more likely pass over the West of Ireland as a post tropical storm. The strongest winds are likely to be expanded further to the right hand side of the centre in the South, South East of Ireland.



14/10/2017 21:02 Latest pressure forecast for Monday 12pm



14/10/2017 19:55 Latest satellite image of Hurricane Ophelia. Pretty impressive and scary

14/10/2017 19:47 Hurricane Ophelia still a major Category 3 storm, expected to weaken over the next 12 hours or so as it enters colder Atlantic waters

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