Future Billionaires – Forbes 21 March 2016

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The world is constantly evolving. Opportunities are always out there.

You can see full article in the screenshot above but the general summary is as follows.

Two key trends – Global Population and Technology Acceleration.

In general by 2050 the world will be bigger, richer with more people living in the cities and aging population.

World’s GDP is expected to triple from 80 trillion USD to around 250 trillion USD.

Urban population will grow from 4 billion to over 6 billion, World pupulation from 7.3 billion to 9.7 billion

If you could figure out how to utilise rapidly evolving technology to transform any of the following – agriculture, energy, manufacturing, transportation, construction, finance and health care to server Earth’s growing population you will do well.

I should add that also more people will be connected to the internet probably about 80% of population if not more that means more e-commerce opportunities.

Bigger and better connected world would mean more opportunities, however, more opportunities and challenges.

It is up to you to get the most of it.

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