Flydubai Flight 981 crash likely was caused by pilot error in challenging weather conditions

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Based on raw radar data that I saw from Flight Radar 24 in just 15 seconds FlyDubai Boeing 737-800 went from climbing stably to slamming into the ground at 21000ft per minute. Looks like a pilot input error while performing a go-around. Go-Around is performed manually.

Only way I can think of to go down so quickly is to turn control yoke left or right very quickly possibly by reacting to a strong crosswind gust causing dangerous unrecoverable bank angle resulting in sudden drop in altitude. At night and poor visibility, this can further disorientate and cause full loss of control.

Other factors: Poor Weather Conditions, Limited Visibility and Disorientation

My condolences to the passengers and crew of this flight. RIP.

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