David A. Vise – The Google Story – 0405053712 – 9781405053716

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David A. Vise – The Google Story – 0405053712

My Personal Rating: 93%

Status: Finished Reading

The book that basically tells the story on how Google came about. Since it’s been release back in 2005, it covers the period from late 90’s until events of 2005. You will find out abit more about founders themselves – Sergey Brin and Larry Page, how they met and how they managed to end up with the search engine that is being used by millions people very day. My favourite part of the story was how both of them managed to get an investment of 25 million USD from two competing capital venture companies. How they managed to keep the company private for as long as possible, so competition do not find out how well they are doing and they more or less dictated their own rules when preparing to go public and float on the stock market.

The book also covers on how they hired their first CEO, how Doodle, Google News and Gmail came about. A famous Google head chef Charlie Ayers is mentioned in the book as well. And some of the final chapters describe some of the legal cases Google faced, the plans to scan every single book out there, competition from Microsoft, China and much more.

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