Brad Stone – The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the age of Amazon – 9780593070468

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Brad Stone – The Everything Store -  Jeff Bezos and the age of Amazon – 9780593070468

Great book covering aspects on how Amazon came about. It was not straight forward as some may think. Jeff, was only 30% sure that his idea might work out and 70% that it may not when borrowing money from his parents. It was a hard work, working from early morning till late night, managing the orders and growing the business but in the end it worked out.

One of the most point to take away from this book is what makes different from other stores? Well, according to owner himself, is that the company is customer-centric, long-term orientated and like to invent new things. Most companies are different and not focused on these things, instead, they are focussed on the competition, rather than the customer. They want to work on things that will pay dividends in a couple of years time, and if it doesn’t work they move onto something else.

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