Book of the Week – Shaa Wasmund MBE – Stop Talking Start Doing – Action Book – 9780857086860

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Shaa Wasmund MBE – Stop Talking Start Doing - Action Book – 9780857086860

If you ever been thinking to start something but emotions like fear were holding you back, then potentially this book will give you a kick in the pants you badly needed.

The book consists of 6 parts slowly ending up at the action part at the very end. It starts with giving you number of reasons why you should start something now, one of them for example is accessibility to endless amount of information which was not possible before.

It goes then to concept of identifying where you want to be in your life and what do you want to do. It will also help you to identify whether you are listener or talker and how to deal with criticism.

Part 3 goes into exploring Fear and Regret. Fear is pretty much what holds most people back. There is a small test which you can complete and you will see whether you are trapped by the past, worried about money, trapped to by what you have and so on.

Generally speaking most common fears are – Past, Fear of what other people are going to think, Having not enough money, Lack of Education, Trapped by what you already have and fear losing it, Not having enough time or being too busy.

Part 4 is quite short and deals with procrastination follow by Part 5, dedicated to making a decision, in the end you have make a decision to go for it and then take action and final part of the book covers that.

Final part covers aspects of taking action like goals and planning.

The book also consists of number of small tests as you go along. If you are not sure where you want to be or not sure whether to start this book will be worth your time.

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