Atul Gawande – Being Mortal – 9781846685828

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Atul Gawande - Being Mortal - 9781846685828

In this book Atul explores the later stage of life, the experiences of mortality, what happens in the end.

For me, personally, this book opened the different perspective on what to expect just before the death.

He shares the experiences of mortality from different people and from the point of view of modern medicine.

He explores and shares the experiences of nursing homes, assisted living and hospices.

Modern medicine has went a long way to prolong our lives, however, in most cases at a cost of our quality of life.

If in the past the people with serious illness died within a matter of short time, then today its more like a rollercoaster, you get short bursts of lifeline followed by slow painful decline until eventually the death comes.

Furthermore, modern medicine can confuse with loads of different treatment choices which can confuse and provide no solution to the existing illness.

The point is that its not always the best solution to treat the illness in the end, what matters in the end is the quality of life and what person wants before the end.

A highly recommended book.

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